HKL_S1F - Human kappa and lambda chain, silent, 1-mer, functional substitution model.


1-mer substitution model of somatic hypermutation based on analysis of silent mutations in functional kappa and lambda light chain Ig sequences from Homo sapiens.




A 4x4 matrix of nucleotide substitution rates. The rates are normalized, therefore each row sums up to 1.


Reported in Table III in Cui et al, 2016.


  1. Cui A, Di Niro R, Vander Heiden J, Briggs A, Adams K, Gilbert T, O’Connor K, Vigneault F, Shlomchik M and Kleinstein S (2016). A Model of Somatic Hypermutation Targeting in Mice Based on High-Throughput Ig Sequencing Data. The Journal of Immunology, 197(9), 3566-3574.

See also

See HH_S1F for the human heavy chain 1-mer substitution model and MK_RS1NF for the mouse light chain 1-mer substitution model.