HKL_S5F - Human kappa and lambda light chain, silent, 5-mer, functional targeting model.


5-mer model of somatic hypermutation targeting based on analysis of silent mutations in functional kappa and lambda light chain Ig sequences from Homo sapiens.




A TargetingModel object.


  1. Cui A, Di Niro R, Vander Heiden J, Briggs A, Adams K, Gilbert T, O’Connor K, Vigneault F, Shlomchik M and Kleinstein S (2016). A Model of Somatic Hypermutation Targeting in Mice Based on High-Throughput Ig Sequencing Data. The Journal of Immunology, 197(9), 3566-3574.

See also

See HH_S5F for the human heavy chain 5-mer targeting model; MK_RS5NF for the mouse kappa light chain 5-mer targeting model; and U5N for the uniform 5-mer null targeting model.